Who we are?

Laser Unlimited is a new organisation, but with more than 3 decade of experience! Laser Unlimited is formed to fulfil the need of technologically advanced manufacturing processes with best possible solution available, using Laser. “Unlimited Possibilities for The Customer, leaving an Everlasting Impression with Everything in Industrial Laser” is our vision for the Industry.

Features of VELSE Laser Marking Machine

  • Can be used for marking on any metallic. Metals like Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Copper, Alloys, Aluminium, Galvanized Product, Coated Metals, Surface Treated Material, Gold, Silver etc.,
  • Does very high-speed marking, zero consumable, very low operational cost (Electricity) and syncs perfectly with any kind of automation. Contact free marking causes zero stress to material.
  • Widely used in sectors like Automotive, Tools & Tooling, Medical & Surgical, Jewellery, Hardware Fittings. It can mark Alphanumeric serial numbers, Part numbers, Dates, Logos, Graphics and specially Bar Code, 2D Data Matrix Codes.
  • Optional Accessories: Motorized Z Axis System, Rotary Axis, 2D table, Computer.